Gang of robbers led by woman caught in a Vashi robbery case

They were a gang of 6 members. The female member was deployed as the worker in one of the victim’s close relative’s house to gain information before the actual robbery. The woman who is now arrested admitted to the fact that she visited the victim’s house to conduct a reconnaissance.

The gang robbed a Navi Mumbai trader of all his money and valuables worth around 2.09 crores last Thursday. Vashi police arrested Subash Patil, an accused who are suspected to be part of the gang. Patil fled to Andhra Pradesh and was arrested from there. Not only him, but all the members fled to different states and districts.

One of the shocking pieces of information gained by the police is the woman, who was part the robbery gang, is actually the wife of a police constable. She said that she used to take advantage of this fact.

The gang would knock on the doors of the victims, only when the male members of the family would be away from home so that they could easily access based on the fact the female home members would be the soft target and easy to tackle.

As of now, the police have detained four more suspects. They have yet to recover the all the valuables that were stolen. Even a few business rivals have been called in to be interrogated to find out whether this was a hired job.

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