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How to give up your Fear of Commitment This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  It is a special day to celebrate love.  This is the day when people express their profound love for each other, promise to be with each other forever, and maybe take the relationship to a next level.

But there are people who have fear of commitment.  For them, sticking to one person for a whole lifetime is appalling.  They have the phobia of committing something for a lifetime.

Are you one of them who are commitment-phobic?  Here’s a good chance to give up on your fear of committing to someone special.  This Valentine’s Day make up your mind and heart to promise that someone special in your life that you will be dedicating your heart and soul to him/her.

Let’s help you out in giving up your fear of commitment.  It’s not difficult:

    1. One fine day simply sit and calmly talk to yourself.  What are you afraid of?  Why are you afraid of commitment?  Do you believe you will fall out of love with that person eventually?  Are you not one man/woman?  Seek answers.
    2. Think from the other person’s perspective. Your lover might be waiting for you to pop that question but hasn’t voiced it yet.  Somewhere he/she has the faith in you that one day you will definitely reciprocate in a similar way.  Just think how your partner feels when you are running away from commitment,
    3. Open up. Talk to the person you love.  Share your fears, apprehensions freely.  Let both of you understand each other’s perspective about love and commitment.  Don’t get into an argument, talk out like two mature adults.

  1. Picture your life with the person you love. Getting old with a person whom you love is an altogether different feeling.  Just imagine how beautiful your life will be when you have your partner by your side through the thick and thin and with whom you can share your sorrows and joys.
  2. Think hard whether its love, lust or infatuation! .sometimes we confuse lust and infatuation for love.  Just think what is it that you feel for your partner.  If the answer is love, then don’t wait.  Go and commit to that person forever.  It’s really hard to find true love.

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi

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