When a glitch in NMMC made a man take attendance instead of a system

NMMC is facing a first world problem. For quite some time, the biometric units in two of the eight wards that are meant to log employees’ attendance have been failing to function. This issue has resulted in the failed attempts of the Municipal corporation to keep a track of the employee attendance and their shift timings.

On wanting to seek the records of the biometric attendance of the staff of both the wards, Nerul resident and RTI activist Anarjit Chauhan was told that no details could be provided because the units were damaged.
“Residents have often been made to wait in ward offices as the officials would be missing from their desks for long. This prompted me to seek attendance records of the staffers in both these wards,” Chauhan said.

Recording the attendance manually did not prove to be a very effective alternative as the officials in charge of the task were accused of being negligent. The accusation wasn’t really denied by the officials as they themselves admitted that attendance record had been poor.


“Based on the biometric records of the headquarters, only 60% of employees have been adhering to office timings. In case of ward offices, the scenario is worse as no records are being maintained. The matter has been brought to the notice of the commissioner,” a senior official said.


Chauhan said that this issue aroused due to a malfunction in the software which could have been fixed had the IT department had a software engineer.


These units that were damaged were barely only a year old.


“We will soon go for a unified Aadhaar-based biometric attendance system. It will also be linked to their salary accounts,” an official said.

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