Ground Rules for Professional Christmas Parties

Christmas Eve may make you want to losen up a lil bit to enjoy the big day, but only with your friends and family. But when it comes to your office party, always follow certain do’s and don’ts to celebrate at your office space!

Christmas Eve is less than a week away! The excitement is at its peak. Dodgy dancing and loose lips along with loads of booze may rise your party mood. But, you got to tone it down more than a tad bit, for an office Christmas party!

Amidst the minefield of opportunities and potential embarrassing situations, it’s always good to follow certain nitty-gritties before appearing for those casual yet professional get togethers.


Don’t leave too early – Attending your office Christmas party for a short span of time may put you under wrong impression and make you look like an unappreciative and antisocial individual. Always spend a considerable amount of time at the party and make your presence felt in front of your boss by wishing them ‘Merry Christmas’ and telling them how well the party is being organized.

Avoid romantic encounters – Always be cautious to keep yourself out of romantic encounters with your colleague. It could turn out to be seriously awkward next day.

Don’t drink too much– One thing people should not forget is that it’s still your office Christmas party and hence, they should refrain from switching their ‘Free Booze & Free Food’ mode on.

Don’t talk about work – Christmas party is a social event and not your official get-together where people talk about their latest project. Come out of that business suit, both physically and mentally and show them that you are an absolute expert in having fun.

Don’t leave someone alone – People standing alone at a happening party is not a pleasant sight to watch. However, if you are attending a party and somehow got stuck with a terribly dull person, you can always introduce them to someone else before sneaking off.


Dress appropriately –  Office Christmas party is not a place to showcase your sexy version. Its good when you dress to impress, but not to be ogled at. Keep it classy!

Do attend – Showing up in your office party gives a positive impression to your boss, even if your attendance is not mandatory. And, sometimes a great night well spent with your work mates may turn them into your real mates.

Mingle – Grab the opportunity to get along with people, compliment them and get into a casual conversation with them. Use the opportunity to impress your boss and expand your social network. And if the party is hosted by your boss, don’t appear empty handed. Always carry a gift and send a thank you message after the party.

Keep one hand free – Ensure that if left hand is holding the drink, always keep the other one free. Don’t eat and drink at the same time. It’s a rude gesture to stick to your usual priorities at an office party and disregard the people who appreciate your presence.

Have a great time – It is absolutely possible to party and still remain professional. Its fine to let yourself lose at an office, but in a dignified way by maintaining certain standards.


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