Hair Care Tips For Frizzy and Curly Hair

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious mane of curls, but taming those curls can be a challenge.Curly hair needs a lot of care than straight hair because it is easily affected by changes in humidity.Split ends can be more of a problem and, you are never far away from a frizz.So, if you love your curly hair and you want to know the best way to care for it, here are our top tips on how to take care of curly hair.

1) Try not to wash with shampoo

Curly hair which has tight curls are drier than straight hair.So many women find that washing with shampoo makes their hair more dry.So they wash their hair using conditioner alone and then, their hair doesn’t dry out and become frizzy.

2) Start at the bottom and then go up

When you wash your hair with conditioner always begin by conditioning at the bottom of your hair, and then work your way up to the top.This rule applies to brushing and combing your hair too.When you start from the bottom it makes it easier to detangle hair.

3) Never dry curly hair with a towel

If you rub your hair too vigorously with a towel to dry it your hair will surely become frizzy.Blot it dry gently with a towel, or even better use an old t-shirt instead of a towel.This will reduce the risk of frizzy hair.

4) Use a wide-toothed comb

Next good tip to take care of curly hair is to avoid ever brushing because this will separate the curls and create hair fizz.So use a wide-toothed comb instead and, working from the bottom up , gently detangle the hair.

5) Always use fewer products for curly hair

You should always be easy with styling products when you have curly hair.Be careful as you apply products,to make sure that you apply them evenly on your hair and be careful not to apply too much product.If you are not careful,you can end up with a blob of excess product on just one part of your hair.

6) Don’t ever believe the salt spray myth

Some people say that by using a salt spray on curly hair will give the curls better definition.But never follow such advice.Salt is bad news for any hair type because it dries up the hair.Whoever has swum in the sea is aware of this.

7) Washing with cold water won’t make your hair shinier either

A popular tip we have seen which is simply untrue is that washing your hair with cold water will reduce frizz and make it shine.All washing your hair with cold water will make your head cold.

8) Get your hair styled in layers

When you go for haircut ask your stylist to layer your hair.Curly hair needs more layering than straight hair because without the layers the hair will flare out or just look flat.A professional stylist anyway knows this and do for you perfectly.

9) Always moisturize your hair

Curly hair always needs extra moisture so always be sure to use a good conditioner regularly.Cover each and every strand of hair with the conditioner and let it sit for at least five or ten minutes before rinsing out.If your hair is well moisturized you won’t get frizzy hair and your hair won’t be easily affected by changes in humidity.

10) Use a hair mask once a week

By using a hair mask once a week will keep the curly hair in a perfect condition.The best masks are those that contain keratin, which helps prevent damage to hair and locks in the moisture.

11) Let your hair dry naturally

Always let your dry naturally in the air.Heat from a blow dryer will dry your hair and can cause frizz and damage.If you don’t have the time for air drying, then set your blow dryer to the lowest heat setting to avoid the damaging of your hair.

12) Stick to one brand of hair products

It is usually good advice to buy only one brand of hair products because they will have been designed to work together.

13) Use a diffuser

When you really have to use a blow dryer, always use a diffuser attachment to it.This will diffuse the hot air so that it is not concentrated on just one spot and it will help your hair dry evenly and keep your curls intact.

14) Use frizz control serum

The best friend of a girl with curly hair are frizz control creams or serums.They work by sealing the cuticles, so that humid air cant get in and cause the frizz.

15) Use satin pillows

To avoid the morning frizz use some satin pillows for your bed.Satin offers less friction than cotton does, so your curls should stay intact all night long.Another alternative to satin pillows is a satin cap.

16) Always keep your hair well trimmed

Experts recommend that curly hair should be trimmed regularly at least every six to eight weeks to keep it looking healthy and full-bodied.

17) Keep your hair healthy inside out

What you eat also affects your hair.You should have a diet of fruit, vegetables and lean protein to keep your hair in a good condition.Drink plenty of water to keep you and your hair hydrated.

18) Keep your home humidified

Use humidifiers to control the humidity in your home as that will help avoid the frizz too.Air conditioning and central heating dry the air in your home and that in turn wi dry your hair.

So girls follow these tips and stay happy with your beautiful curly hair.

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