After Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey charged with sexual abuse

After multiple accusations of sexual harrasment were slapped on Hollywood producer Harvey Weistein, many such accusations and incidents rapidly started surfacing against many people. Many victims opened up about their incidents with the help of the hashtag #MeToo.

And another name that made it to list of sexual offenders was 2 time academy award winner Kevin Spacey. People were aghast and dumbfound when the actor was accussed of sexual harrassement.  Below are some incidents people shared

A man(name not revealed) said that he was left traumatized when we woke up to a Naked Spacey lying on him with his arms wrapped around him. He was asked to share the bed with Spacey, but he declined and decided sleep on the couch. Though nothing sexual took place,  it was still harrowing for the man to wake up the actor on him.

American filmmaker Tony Montana said that he suffered from PTSD for six months after Spacey was allegedly grabbed his crotch in a LA bar in 2003.

American Actor Anthony Rapp accused the actor of making sexual advances toward him back in 1986, when Rapp was only 14. Rapp told how Spacey laid down on top of him in a bedroom during a party at the older man’s flat.

According to Mexican Roberto Cavazo, there were many young men That actor ‘preyed on’.

In response to all the allegations, Spacey tweeted out an apology that somwhow mannaged to sound like he was coming out.

In the wake of all the allegations against the actor, Emmy will no longer honor him for his work.

Even netflix announced that the famous and crtically acclaimed show House of Cards will not be returning after the 6th season.



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