This health and wellness centre in seawoods provides an innovated way of physiotherapy

Now you do not have to go that extra mile, bracing your injury-prone sore body for a long travel. Because Aum Health and wellness has it done for you.

Aum Health and Wellness is the first wellness centre to present Integrated Screen, an innovative way of physiotherapy which involves FMS (functional movement system) and Kinetic control (KC). This method has been used for long time by the US Government, US Military, Mayo Clinic, Chicago Bulls to improve their physical capacity, performance, decrease injuries.

What is Integrated Screen?

Integrated Screen is a method by which physiotherapists check your baseline movements and identify your weaknesses and strengths. They provide you the corrective exercises and help you to avoid any further injuries. Integrated Screen is a multi-part system used to evaluate the quality of a “movement pattern.” A movement pattern is defined as the way you move through space. Each person has their own movement pattern; some patterns are functional while others tend to make you more prone to injury, added muscle tension, and weakness. For this reason, the screening process was created to gauge balance, stability, and mobility. The system works by asking patients to perform seven fundamental movements during which weaknesses and imbalances can be readily observed and measured.

It is important to note that if these screens cannot be performed without pain, you should be evaluated by a health professional in order to have your specific problem assessed. On the other hand, just because you can do these activities without pain doesn’t mean that you are not at risk for injury. The purpose of the screen is to identify asymmetries or differences in your function from side to side. The number one predictor of injury is the history of a previous injury; however, the second largest predictor of injury is asymmetry in movement, strength, or flexibility. Therefore, if we can identify the asymmetry, you can fix the issue and decrease your likelihood of injury. It costs much less money and time to prevent an injury than it does to rehabilitate an injury that has already occurred.

FMS(Functional Movement Screen)

The Functional Movement Screen includes 7 movements. They are:

  • Deep Squat – Assesses bilateral, symmetrical and functional mobility of the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders.
  • Hurdle Step – Assesses bilateral, symmetrical and functional mobility and stability of the hips, knees, and ankles.
  • In-Line Lunge – Assesses torso, shoulder, hip, and ankle mobility.
  • Shoulder Mobility Test– Assesses shoulder mobility.
  • Active Straight Leg Raise – Assesses active hamstring and calf flexibility while addressing core and pelvic stability.
  • Trunk Stability Push-up – Assesses core stability.
  • Rotary Stability Test– Assesses core stability while moving in different directions.

Kinetic Control

Kinetic control Screen will help you identify the dysfunctions in the spine and correct them. It’s a form of highly specialized core training.


Aum Health and Wellness centre is owned by Dr. Renu Dudhmande is a gold medallist masters in Physiotherapy and Sports. She was chosen to be a physio for Commonwealth Youth Games, World Badminton Championship.

Address: Shop no 34 to 36, Sadguru Plaza, Sector 40, Seawoods, Maharashtra 400706

Open hours: 7am-10pm

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