Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Authentic Malvani Cuisine In Navi Mumbai

When we think of Malvani cuisine, the first thing that pops in our heads is seafood. However, our heads start wandering for answers when wondering where this cuisine full of lively spicy notes originated from.

Well, it originates from the Malvan, a coastal area of the south Konkan region in Maharashtra. Malvani cuisine is also very popular in other parts of India like Goa and some northern parts of West Karnataka. Non-vegetarians will rejoice to hear that Malvani dishes are mostly non-vegetarian, seafood to be more precise (think 8.5/10). But I must tell you, that you got to brace yourselves before you dig in because, with all the spice, it might not be for the faint of heart. Speaking of spice, Malvani cuisine’ best friend is spice. Dried red chillies, cardamom, kokum, raw mango are some of the many spices that find themselves to be a crucial ingredient in any Malavni dish. Guess how many spices it takes to make the popular Malvani masala? Sixteen.

Now that you’ve gained a fair amount of information on what Malvani cuisine is, it’s now time you gain information on where you can enjoy some really good pure Malvani food.

Enter Mu. Po. Malwan aka Mukkam Post Malwan. This restaurant has grown to be a favourite of many non-veg and seafood lovers in Navi Mumbai. Mukkam is Marathi for hospitable stay. The restaurant has two outlets, one in Vashi which has been around for over 10 years, and the other in Nerul which is a new outlet. Here are some of the must tries:

1. Bangda Tikla

Bangda tikla

2. Bombil Fry

Bombil Fry

3. Crab Masala

Crab Masala

4. Paplet (Pomphret) Fry

Paplet Fry

5. Kombdi Vade (Chicken and Poori)

 Kombdi Vade

6. Shimpli (Mussel) Masala

Shimpli Masala

7. Stuffed Pomphret Or Bharlela Paplet

Stuffed Pomfret Or Bharlela Paplet

8. Fish Thali

Address in Vashi: Shop No.15, Market, Opp. Bank of India, Sant Tukaram Marg, Sector 15, Juhu Nagar, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

Address in Nerul:  Sector 27, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

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