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Heyday, an Eco-friendly May be The best ever Sanitary Napkin Brand Ever in India

Apparently, we ladies have been using not so healthy pads made from plastic and other synthetic things that may not be good for us when we are on our “God gifted” periods.  Just when we have been cent percent convinced about the claims made by the many sanitary napkin brands’ commercials, enter, a brand, an organic and natural one at that that refutes these claims.

Just when we thought periods could not get more tough and unbearing,

What is Heyday?

It’s not only a brand that claims that it manufactures pads that will guide you through your period’s “heyday”. But it’s a brand that will forever refrain from using synthetic and non-biodegradable materials.

This idea was pioneered by Delhi based entrepreneur Deepanjali Dalmia who is a Columbia University graduate. With this business, she hopes to convey an important message to women about the hygienic and safety aspects of using safe menstruation.

The product came into existence after two years of research. The key materials used to make the sanitary napkins are bamboo and corn fibre (for how many of you did I spoil corn and bamboo for?). The brand claims that these napkins are highly absorbent, are both hygiene and environment-friendly and also are priced affordably.

Currently, Heyday is being sold at Delhi NCR, Gurugram, and Noida regions. The brand will be very soon available even on online shopping platforms, making this eco-friendly pad accessible to all women across the country.

The main issue this brand aims to solve is that they want women to realize that purchasing pads based on comfort and pricing aren’t necessarily quality pads. They rarely think of the health effects that can be suffered from by using commercially available pads. What all most all of us don’t know is that commercially sold pads are drenched in chlorine and other chemicals that cause irritation in the nether regions. Not only that, it can other infections too that no women want to go through. Most brands still don’t get the ph level right (which if you didn’t know, your body’s ph level and your vagaygay’s ph level is different).  Some governments like the US and Europe government reject such brands that fail to cater to the health and hygiene needs.

There are few other brands that manufacture eco-friendly and biodegradable pads like  Saathi pads, Soukhyam in Kerala, Sakhi pads in Vadodara, and Aakar Foundation’s Anandi pads.

But kudos to Deepanjali and other brands that put the well-being of both women and environment on top priority.

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