Hidden Food Gems Of Navi Mumbai

Tired of the same old cafes? Looking for new food adventures? These cafes are Navi Mumbai's best kept secrets. Until now, of course.

Navi Mumbai is that treasure trove that the state deserves. However, one place that Navi Mumbai is playing catch-up with Mumbai, is the food scene. But Navi Mumbai houses some great hidden cafés. Luckily, we go to great lengths to find food that we love. Here’s a list of some hidden cafes around Navi Mumbai that you must try:

  1. Zazie Bistro & Grill
Picture credits: Zomato

Completely hidden from the public, on the ground floor of Satra Plaza Vashi, this is the only cafe in Navi Mumbai that serves Parsi Food. A great Parsi vibe, as well as delectable food makes it to the top of our list. And for those who don’t want Parsi (Why though?), they even do continental and Italian. Who knew such cafes around Navi Mumbai before?

  1. Sailor’s Café
Picture credits: Zomato

In the back roads of Belapur, this café is a family run place with a good mix of Continental and fast food. The location of the café makes it even better since it over-looks a lush green walkway and the dock. Sailor’s Café does a yum coffee and scrumptious nachos. Make a quick stop here next time.

  1. Café Bombay Diaries
Picture credits: Zomato

Quite a name, you say? Well, the café lives up to it. A café with a story is exactly what this city needs. The café is done up artistically and has their own little reading corner, where you can grab a book and enjoy your solitude. It also houses board games and a small menu that whips up great breakfast and teas. Do try. Don’t get confused by the name, this exists in Navi Mumbai.

  1. Mama Pondo Asian Café
Picture credits: Zomato

We desperately needed an Asian eatery in Nerul and here we are! Located right off Palm Beach Road, this little cafe is anything but little. It serves up some great Asian food with rather amusing serving techniques and plating up designs. But most of all, the food is enjoyable and comes at a decent price. Must feature is a list for cafes around Navi Mumbai.

  1. Roasted Beans Café
Picture credits: Zomato

You might miss this place while driving down the ‘pub road’ in Belapur. At the far end of the road, this café is done up well and has a rather gastro-pub vibe. However, they don’t do drinks, what they do is mouth-watering food. Try their Triple Decker Garlic Bread and be warned, you need to have this on an empty stomach. Also, did we say freakshakes? Yep!

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