IndiGo employee who shot a video of his colleague manhandling a passenger loses job first

The video of an IndiGo staff assaulting a passenger has gone viral. You’d think the employee who engaged in the physical fight would face the consequences, but it was the employee who shot the video who was fired instead.  There are some suspicions that the employee was fired in an attempt to sweep the incident under a mat.

The employee claimed that he shot the video to share it his superiors. He said, ” For 20 days, they did not say anything, but at the end terminated my job for recording the video.” He even added that the employee who manhandled the passenger still had his job.

IndiGo issued a statement after the incident that took place on 15th October. They mentioned in the statement that would take action the culprit by firing him right away. Turns out that instead of him, they had terminated the job of the person who shot the video.

For the incident, IndiGo President, Aditya Ghosh issued an apology statement.

“I acknowledge the unpleasant experience our passenger went through, while engaging with our staff at Delhi airport. My personal apologies as this does not reflect our culture. I had personally spoken to the passenger and asked for an apology. At IndiGo, dignity of our passengers and staff is of utmost importance. Any act that compromises the dignity of either is of a serious concern to us. Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was investigated and stern action was taken against the staff. Once again my personal and sincere apologies to the affected passenger,”

Aditya Ghosh

Even Union Civil Aviation Minister reacted to the incident, saying that such violence unacceptable and should result in criminal action.

P.S: In all honesty, if you see closely, the passenger is the one who laid hands on the employee first. Should make sense why the guy still had his job.  Should that employee have been called a culprit? What are your opinions?



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