Indian fashion bloggers you should follow

Fortunately or unfortunately, these past years have become more than welcoming and beyond accepting(I think maybe, because, fashion?) of all the fashion trends that currently exists on this planet. No kidding, Every year I when I feel like fashion cannot go any further, lo and behold! Lingerie paired with track pants (you know who I’m talking about right?)

There’s now a lot going on in the fashion industry and that I strongly feel that anyone clothed in simple jeans and top will be viewed as an alien by top fashionistas ( I secretly think that they even go to bed wearing designer).

Anyways, if you are one of those who just cannot function without on point fashion, then you here are some really amazing Indian fashion bloggers you need to follow to that fashionista in you on their toes with the latest fashion trends and dress on point!

But, if you’re like me, comfy in age-old tee and legging, then um? More leggings FTW!

1. Purushu Arie

2. Akanksha Redhu

3. The girl at first avenue


4. Gia says that

5. BIG hair LOUD mouth

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2 thoughts on “Indian fashion bloggers you should follow”

    1. You’re most welcome. With budding fashionistas like you who openly embraces his sexuality, and promotes gender neutrality, it’ll make way for more support and acceptance towards the concept of homosexuality, gender, and LGBTQ.

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