First Fitness Show for Kids in India. Set to Kick-Start in Navi Mumbai

India’s First Fitness Competition for Kids is Set to Kick-Start in Navi Mumbai

India’s First Fitness Competition for Kids set to take place at Vashi’s Inorbit Mall in Navi Mumbai.

Who wouldn’t want their offspring to be known as a healthy and super active kid out there? The rise of tech-savvy generation is putting kids to a greater health risk. But, if they are all about sports and outdoor activities from a very young age, parents don’t need to be bothered. Aiming to introduce the importance of being fit among children, both physically and mentally, Fitterfly has launched “Fittest Kid of Navi Mumbai” contest from 1st to 12th November 2017.

It is first of a kind kid’s contest being commenced at Vashi’s Inorbit Mall in the country. With a successful competition already held on 4th-5th November 2017, they are prepared for the next on 11th– 12th November 2017.

Event conducted on 4th November observed fun activities like Treasure Hunt and Rock Climbing. While on 5th November a quiz contest “Bachha Bachha Sab Jaanta Hai Quiz” was held to test their mental strength. So, if your kid has missed the opportunities the previous two times, then ensure that he/she doesn’t miss the next one on an upcoming weekend.

What is the event about?

Fitterfly is celebrating the health quotient in children from among the age groups of 5-8, 9-13 and 14-18. Fitness level of these little munchkins will be tested on several parameters, such as Stamina (Vo2max), Flexibility, Leg strength, Hand strength, Chest Strength, Core Strength, Height, Weight, BMI and Body Fat percentage.

There’s more…!! Your child can win attractive prizes on each day of the event!

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What Prizes??

Attractive prizes include fitness watches, to keep track of the health and many other takeaways for every participant.

What more about the contest?

Top 20 contestants will also win rewards and acknowledged for being healthy.

Event Breakup

11th November – Funfilled Activities Related to Health.

12th November – Junior MasterChef

Enquire: +91-22-27815235/ +91-7045065225.


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