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India’s Version of Christmas Spirit

Christmas in India is so much more than just a celebration.

Santa’s big day is approaching in less than a week! But when it comes to its rank on the level of enthusiasm for any celebration, as a multicultural nation, India always hover right on top. Christmas is not just about Christmas tree, rum cakes, winter treats, gifts and of course Mr. Clause, it’s much more than that… and yes, we as Indians know how to fill colours into any celebration or festivities.

Preparations by Churches & Households

With church service playing a key role in celebrating Christmas, the celebration starts one month in advance, the Church plan out their service and mass, and households start decorating their households and feasts.

Lights & Color

A festival of bright lights or a festival of graceful colors, we may attribute it to all he good things that we may like, but all of us eagerly wait for that X-mas break. Local markets, malls and stores wrapped in twinkling multi-hued fairy lights, flowers and paper streamers, brightness is one factor that remains constant everywhere.

For a country that is so diverse, we tend to include colours in every festival and Christmas is no exception. Churches are draped in stunning lights that appear spectacular in the night. Families put up Christmas tree, wreath, and crib, decorated with so much passion, that it exudes the personality of each member and the bond they share amongst themselves!

December 25 – The Grand Day!

Christmas celebration starts by attending Christmas Mass, which is a special church service, looking prim and proper. Catching up with friends, families and extended families, and relishing festive meals together coz it’s the only way we get to keep in touch with each other in today’s busy life, while celebrating the birth of baby Jesus!

The excitement of opening Christmas gifts and the feeling of togetherness with your loved ones is what each person shares alike, on every Christmas in India!

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