Is This Advertiser From Navi Mumbai Marketing ‘Green’ Around?

Adding Green Cover to Navi Mumbai

Where Mother Nature is losing out on her green, there is a man from Navi Mumbai who is hellbent to give her back the green again. 39 years old Navi Mumbai citizen Vikas Shivaji Chavan, a professional from advertising industry, is on planting spree, with more than 400 saplings already in place.

Chavan embarked on his sowing journey in 2007 with his then motive to paint the two-wheeler parking lot at Central plaza in Navi Mumbai green. Having already nurtured almost 60 types of indigenous saplings, Chavan is headstrong to grow another 60 in next few years.

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Adding more spark to his success, he flapped his green wings to move on to spaces at Cycle Pay and Park, Inorbit Mall, Bankode, Bhumiputra Maidan, Akashganga Society, Nisarg Udayan and other areas along the Eastern Expressway, suffusing them in fresh and lush green.

Financially, 5,000 bucks has already been shelled out by Chavan on equipment, brought from nursery in Kalyan. I’m sure, the tenacity of his passion has a long way to go, in making Navi Mumbai an exemplar of ‘Green India’.

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