It Isn’t ‘Holi Hai’ Till We Pour Out Some Thandai

Hidden Health Benefits Of This Delectable Drink

Another year gone by, another chance to immerse ourselves in the colours of joy, this Holi! While the song ‘Do me a favour, let’s play Holi’, reverberates in our head, our tummies say – ‘do me a favour go easy on the food!’. Thanks to our binge eating habits on our festive days, we end up feeling bloated and uneasy soon after enjoying a scrumptious festive meal. However, this Holi you have one less thing to worry about – binging on Thandai!

This overly sweet and indulgent drink, which is often prepared during summers in our homes, is overflowing during the festival of colours. But intoxicating as it must be for some people, it also comes with some hidden health benefits. Let’s look at these health benefits (psst, just some reasons to indulge guilt-free!):

  • Say ‘ta-da’ to those constipated after-effects

Not many are aware that thandai is made with an addition of poppy seeds which is great for prevention of constipation and helps in avoiding unnecessary gastrointestinal irritation. Amaze, isn’t it? *takes a large sip*

  • Burp* conditions apply

Being a coolant made with fennel seeds, thandai naturally cures flatulence and the anti-inflammatory properties help in improving digestive. Too much wow! *Cheers*

  • Sugar rush, naturally

Anyone who has ever had thandai knows that its overly sweet and works as dessert in itself. And sugar is an instant every booster. The added nuts and seeds only make it more of an energizer! So much health, mom needs to know this, right? *Gulp*

  • Thandai to resuscitate immunity

The spices that are added to the drink like pepper, cloves and saffron are essential for improving one’s immunity and work wonders to help uplift one’s mood. (Just had a large tumbler of thandai, my mood can testify for this point)

All in all, thandai is one power-packed concoction that you can drink without any inhibitions this Holi. After all, thandai is what makes a Holi, a Happy Holi!

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