Jewelry – Says it all

While being an Indian, we all have a hidden love of owning and flaunting jewelry. In the modern day, we prefer choosing one statement piece that talks oodles about our personality and overall style quotient. We have all kinds of jewelry in gold, silver, plated, ornamental, polka, diamond etc. but to adorn that one piece of jewelry with the right attire says it all. While everyone wants to look great, there is a fine line between going ‘over the top’ and wearing ‘too little’. So here are a few tips on what, where and how:

  • Dinner date: We all want to look perfect for that dinner date. A heart being the ideal symbol of love , what could be better than gifting your partner a heart-shaped pendant. A lot can be said with a diamond ring too.

Dinner Date Gift

  • ‘Meet-the-parents’ look: An ivory pendant is your best bet if you want to work your charm on your future-in-laws.

Ivory Pendant

  • For corporate offsite/evening: To impress your co-workers at an official evening and also make an impression on your boss is to mix your business ego with your social time-out one. Choose from classy and dainty jewels with just the right amount of dazzle. A pair of classy earrings should do the trick.

  • For a summer brunch: Simple is classic. A light trendy bracelet will go well with your jeans-and-shirt look. A long beaded neck-piece would look fab with a nice summery dress.

  • The ‘everyday’ look: A light piece of jewelry that goes with your everyday outfit, be it Indian or western. A simple light bracelet will look nice with any outfit or one can sport a nice trendy ring as a statement-piece.

Guest Writer: Aanchal Taneja

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