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Come, enjoy Shikara’s Kashmiri Food festival

With a restaurant this unique, I think it’s time for our palates to step out of its comfort zone. I’ll be honest, I least expected such a restaurant to find a base in Navi Mumbai, but here in this city it is, the very fawned over, Shikara, an authentic Kashmiri Restaurant in Sanpada, that gives every single one of your taste bud the pleasure of pure Kashmiri taste.

Culture and flavor of Kashmir are engraved in the restaurant right from the foundation to every granule of spice. The restaurant has been serving its delectable food for 25 years now.

So, we strutted off to the venue with our appetites hearty and expectation ready to be met.

It is next to impossible to talk about the food before talking about what met our eyes first. Doing absolute justice to its moniker, Shikara indeed gives you the feeling of being in a Shikara. Better yet, dining in one. According to the restaurant, the concept of the floating houseboat over an artificial lake is a scene depicting the houseboats on the Dal Lake on Kashmir.

Like Mentioned before, the culture has such a presence, it’s almost as if you’ve teleported to Kashmir, what with its furniture, ambiance and of course, the make-believe Shikara.

Well, now that the interior has basked in its well-deserved commendations, we shall now move on to the food. I’ll get to the point. The food was *Insert any adjective synonymous with amazing*


main course



If you plan on going there, now could not be more perfect. From 19th – 21st Jan, the restaurant is going to hold a Kashmiri food festival. The food festival will be only serving dinner.

The objective of this Kashmiri food festival is to bring about awareness amongst the audience’s and to familiarize them with Kashmiri Cuisine. Especially, this being the perfect Mumbai weather to try some palate heavy delicacies. This collaborative effort with our home chef is our way of giving to the foodie community the best of Kashmiri cuisine.

Here are the menus of the food festival

veg menu

non veg menu

Address: Plot No.3, Sector-24, Opp Sanpada Railway Station, Mumbai-Pune Road, Navi Mumbai – 400 705


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