The Kharghar fire on Saturday destroyed 300 saplings

Unfortunately, the nature amongst the hills of Kharghar wasn’t very lucky to get away with the fire that erupted on Saturday.  Turns out that over 300 saplings that were planted in the hill got destroyed because of the Kharghar fire.

According to external sources, a large section of the hill’s biodiversity was affected. Apart from the saplings, nests of many birds were burnt too. Even locals were affected due to heavy smoke that emitted from the fire.

It is now suspected that the fire was caused due to some poachers or some petty malefactors who were illegally trying to hunt.

“While around 5 hectares of the forested hill region was burnt in sector 35, another 2 hectares hill area was destroyed near Utsav Chowk in Kharghar,” said Forest guard from Panvel range Subhash Rathore.

“We used to also regularly water these saplings. It is tragic to see how the fire has killed all over efforts,” said Jyoti Nadkarni, a resident of Hyde Park who tended to the saplings regularly. She even stated that in the past two years the locals had planted several tree saplings on the hill after under the permits of the forest department.

The forest officials have said that they’re conducting an inquiry to find out the root cause of the fire.



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