Kharghar roads face problems caused by illegal garage set ups

Illegal setups of garages in Kharghar in row houses have lead to unsystematic parking of vehicles, hence making it easier for motorists to travel on Kharghar roads.

Not only are they taking up spaces illegally, but have been creating a lot of noise that has drowned out the peaceful silence of the neighborhoods.

The lack of space has also made it very difficult for pedestrians to cross roads and walk on footpaths. This problem is majorly faced by sector 3, 5, 11 and 12. The complaints from nearby residents have been rising which clearly shows the frustration and irritability.

Of all the affected residents, the senior citizens are the ones who find it more harrowing. According to a resident, there are about 20 garages illegally set up and seems like the administration is taking no action despite many complaints filed against these garages.

Sitaram Rokade, Cidco’s Kharghar administrator has assured that he would look into the issue. “I have flagged off the issue to our concerned officials so that necessary action can be initiated. Our building permission department has been given a list of such row houses and buildings that have rented out their ground floor for garages with illegal change of use of plots.”

To the suburb’s relief, PCMC superintendent for Kharghar node, Shriram Hazare’s officials have begun evicting illegal hawkers and vendors and will soon revoke licenses of illegal shops and garages.



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