Kharghar suffers from poor quality air

After severe road problems caused illegal garage setups, Kharghar now faces environmental issues.

Apparently, Kharghar isn’t breathing clean air.  According to a third party audit by a National Accreditations Board Limited (NABL) certified laboratory has confirmed that Kharghar’s environment has poor air quality.

The results of an air quality test conducted on Wednesday showed a strong presence of Formaldehyde(a colorless toxic with suffocating odor derived from methyl alcohol through oxidation) in the air. This gas was four times more than the norm of less than one parts per million prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Even the presence of respiratory suspended particulate matter was at a critical level.

Chemical plants in Taloja mainly use Formaldehyde. Both this and the particulate matter causes health issues like skin disorders, breathing problems.

As mentioned before, the audit revealed the presence of suspended particulate matter(both PM 2.5 and PM 10). These particles are dangerous that easily enter the human system. According to the audit, the presence was double the amount than the norm of CPCB for residential areas.

Equinox Private Action Force conducted this test somewhere near Rapid Action Force point after about 11.30 pm and then the samples were later tested at their laboratory in Rabale. The major concern is the usage of Formaldehyde in the Taloja plants. For quite some time now, residents have been complaining about the pollution and are pushing MPCB to take more green initiatives.

According to environment activist, Mangesh Ranawade it was his and his group’s idea to conduct the third party audit because they were worried about how the poor quality air might affect Kharghar residents. To add to their mounting concerns about the environment, they want to know whether the dumping yard meant for bio-medical waste in Taloja is burning down the bio and organic waste before the final disposal.

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