Kidnap, Assault of an Autorickshaw Driver by RAF Jawans over Road Rage

FIR against around 15-20 RAF jawans registered for kidnapping and assaulting a rickshaw driver after a road rage.

In a recent road rage case in Navi Mumbai, around 15-20 Rapid Action Force (RAF) jawans have been booked for assaulting and kidnapping of Sunil Patil (56), an auto rickshaw driver. The incident took place around 7 pm on November 29 (Wednesday). In this regard, an FIR has been registered at Taloja Police station.

“The RAF jawan was returning home on a bicycle around 7 pm when the rickshaw driver grazed his bicycle, causing him to skid,” said Police sub-inspector Machchindra Shendge.

When the rickshaw driver tried to drive off, his path was blocked by the jawan, who also slapped him. But, the incident did not end at that. Patil was followed by the RAF jawan up to his house and within 15 minutes, the jawan arrived outside his house along with the rest of his colleagues.

The autorickshaw driver got an alert and took refuge at his neighbour’s house. But, the jawan brazed into his neighbour’s house as well and dragged Patil out.

The entire occurrence got captured in a CCTV camera, which was installed at the house that displays one jawan forcibly dragging the rickshaw driver away to the accident spot.

Shengde added that the driver was fisted and kicked by the jawans after they reached the accident spot. However, no arrests were made till the time the news of the incident reached the press.

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