Light up your Diwali candles and diyas with some essential oils


When the very first set of Laksmi bomb goes bonkers, you know Diwali is around the corner. People are ready to welcome the spirit of this festival with crackers, new clothes, diyas, and lanterns. But there’s one more thing you can add to the list to keep the Diwali spirit elevated furthermore. Essential oils. A few drops of them in your diyas, candles or even diffusers can send all sorts of positive vibes and relieve you of stresses and tensions so you can revel in Diwali celebrations with your loved ones.

Below are some essential oils you can use for various reasons. So, go, make every essential moments of the celebration count.(pun intended)

  1. Mood elevation:

Don’t want to be in a droopy mood now do you? While there are many other factors like food, new clothes, meeting family members (okay let’s be honest. Not always mood elevating), a little drop of these oils can keep your mood festive friendly

  1. Improved cognitive function:

Since you’re going be around many people, it’s a sure thing that you’re going to be engaging in many conversations. so charge up those brain cells and prevent traces of sluggishness so you can be present in every part of the conversation, from what’s happening in the world to bone-tickling anecdotes.

  1. Ward off illness

With constant fluctuations in the weather, you might tend to get sick. Being sick during festival seasons is a real downer. So, lay back, chug some tea and inhale some of these essential oils so your health is in top condition to immerse yourself in a festivity mood.

  1. Relaxation and sleep

If you are someone who enjoys an energy filled celebration, then you are going to need the rest you require so you lag behind in all the celebrations. These essential oils will make sure you are well rested.

  • Chamomile. Buy here
  • Lavender. Buy here
  • Clary sage. Buy here



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