Low Cost or No Cost Summer Activity Ideas for Kids!

Low Cost or No Cost Summer Activity Ideas for Kids!

School is out! Many parents see their bills shoot up as they pay for summer activity like camp, summer classes, sports leagues, trips to the movies, restaurant meals, and all the other expenses that come with keeping kids entertained. But here’s a list of summer cool activities to never hear, “Mom, I’m bored,” again.

  1. Let’s Cook!

The younger children can try their hand at cooking or baking. They can help you measure the ingredients, stir, and arrange the result. However, the elder kids can cook on the stove, or use the oven. Contributing to the family meal is a very rewarding experience for kids of all ages. And the more that they learn how to do, the more they can help on a regular basis.

  1. Science Time

I’m sure you must have done dozens of fun science activities when you were kids. So why not let your kids experience the same? Depending on the age of your child, they can do some science experiments themselves. There are plenty of activities available on the internet which you can ask your kids to try out.

  1. Writing

Writing is a very good way to develop your child’s brain activity. Ask them to write simple things like ‘5 things that they love about the family’, or ‘write a story starting with “I wish to…” This is a very effective way to make your children utilise their time well and have them enjoy writing their heart out too.

  1. Making fingerprint animals!

There are so many things that can be made with fingerprints and thumbprints. With just a couple of doodles and dots, you get your very own unique creation.

  1. Craft time with parents

Do you have a crafty kid? Nurture their creative spirit with fun ideas for making. With just a few inexpensive crafts supplies, you’ll be giving your kids the tools they need to spark imagination and creative play. Craft on!

So, make this summer super fun for your kids with these activity tips. Happy Summer!

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