Major fire breakout in Kharghar

A massive fire breakout at Kharghar hill in sector 35 on a Saturday evening. The fire brigade was alerted with an emergency call at 6 pm. The fire could be seen from Taloja jail. Because the fire reached a considerable height, the fire engine that was sent there had a somewhat tough time getting to the actual spot from the fire actually started.

The locals, of course, was very much alarmed by the major fire that started in the hill. They said that there are many wild animals living there. No one is still sure of how what caused the fire.

“This appears to be a deliberate fire in order to encroach upon the area and create a slum. Earlier, we have seen the sorry state of the Belapur hill in CBD sector 8A in neighbouring Belapur node. The police and the Cidco authorities must properly investigate into this mysterious fire on the hill.” said a Kharghar resident and activist.

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