32 year old man died as Pushed by a Fellow Commuter

Man Who Passed Away After a Fatal Fall from Train was Pushed by a Fellow Commuter

A 32-year-old man, who died after a deadly fall from train was pushed by a fellow commuter.

A 32-year-old resident from Mankhurd passed away after he was pushed from a running train by a fellow commuter. The incident occurred on November 8 when the local train approaching CST on harbour line was close by Sandhurst Road at around 6.30pm.

The deceased, Rudal Nishad, who worked as a crane operator boarded the train for work was pushed by Kishore Javale (24). On seeing the act of Javale, other commuters of the train rushed to caught hold of him and took him to the RPF.

Earlier, it was believed that Javale attacked Nishad to steal his mobile phone. However, it was discovered later that Javale had a verbal spate with the victim for no apparent reason.

According to DCP Samadhan Pawar, Javale appeared to be mentally disturbed.

Also, police visited the victim’s house, who lived in a chawl with Videshi Nashad (48), his paternal cousin along with others. He is survived by his family members, who reside at Azamgarh in UP, including his wife Kalawatidevi (29), 2 daughters Vandana (13) and Luji (5) and son Pappu (8).

Rudal was saving from his monthly salary of Rs 22,000 to purchase a small land in his hometown in Azamgarh. Since, even after marriage he, his wife and kids were residing at his wife’s place, he wanted to build his own house in Azamgarh.

His cousin Videshi Nishad said, “Rudal earned a monthly salary of Rs 22,000. He was saving from his salary for buying a small land in his hometown in Azamgarh so that he could construct his own house. As even after his marriage, his wife and three children were staying at the house of his wife’s parent in Azamgarh.”

His wife was completely devastated and shattered up on learning the news of his unfortunate demise. Rudal’s elder brother took his body to Azamgarh, his hometown in UP on Sunday evening, the entire expenses of which is taken care of by the company where Rudal worked.

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