Man Runs Over a Dog, Says It Was ‘Just a Stray’

A man fatally drove his tempo over a dog’s neck near Vashi railway station.

A painful and loud scream of a stray dog echoed on Wednesday afternoon near Vashi station, when a Man runs over dog man drove his tempo over the canine’s neck. Hearing the heartbreaking yelp of the dog, commuters stopped on the tracks and ran towards the spot.

People standing on the site, in front of tower number 6 of Vashi station complex rushed towards the tempo (registration no. MH43 F 2862) and prevented the driver from fleeing.

According to an eyewitness Ipsita Shetty, “The tempo driver knew that a stray dog was sleeping on the ground, but he deliberately went over its neck. When we questioned why he had harmed the poor animal, he was unrepentant and said that it was just a ‘lawaaris kutta’ (stray dog) and so he did it. We took down the details of his vehicle service company and also informed animal activist Anand Siva.”

“It is sad and tragic that the tempo driver just did not care that his rash actions took away a creature’s life. Such people later go on to commit bigger crimes like rape and murder. We found out that the accused works for one R R Maurya of Bhoiwada in Parel. Efforts are on to inform him about this incident,” said Siva.

“We have the photos of accused driver, the vehicle service company’s owner, along with the registration number of the tempo. A police complaint will be lodged so that accused is taught a legal lesson,” he added.

Meanwhile, the body of the dog was buried at a secluded stretch near Vashi by some of the animal lovers.  A Vashi resident stated, “The dog was happily leading his life outside Vashi station complex. What right did anyone have to kill him like that? Compassion is needed in order to prove that we are indeed humane.”

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