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Manage your time with these 6 apps

If you are Vikram, procrastination is Betaal. The difference is, instead of answering moral questions, you are supposed to acknowledge your to-do list, value time, and get your work done. Only then, procrastination returns back to the trunk containing all sorts of lazy ideas and excuses that is situated somewhere in your lazy mind. (Disclaimer: This line, though is part of the paragraph, is not part of the paragraph. I just fit in this line so that I could fit in the keyword time management apps. Because hell no, I’m not about to butcher a good written paragraph with keyword that fits in nowhere. But hey, we’re still talking about apps. Talk about management and getting work done, huh!?)

But daaaamn, the struggle is real to kick procrastination’s butt and beat time. And folks, you very well know what the reason is. It sometimes leads us to believe that it is mightier than time. And by the time i get to the last sentence of this paragraph, you probably have said the word five times! LAZINESS.

To help you free yourselves from the tight clutches of laziness, to kick procrastination’s posterior and keep up with time (best yet, beat it), here are 6 time management apps that will terrorize procrastination and will vow to to never haunt you again( okay, that’s a little dramatic but you know what I mean)

P.S: You’ll be needing some willpower too.

1. Rescue time

2. Focus booster

3. Toggl

4. MyLifeOrganized


5. Focus@will



6. Todoist

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