Mid-Week blues, surprise with VJ café

After a lazy weekend, when Monday hits you like a truck, and the following days kill you slowly, you find yourself waiting for the next weekend like a desert waiting for rain. Just like any other day in the office, bored and hungry, we decided to head to VJ café, right opposite to our office complex. The café seemed to be a bliss for hungry tummies.

The menu seemed quite interesting and the prices were quite pocket-friendly. The owner was extremely warm and offered us their chilli cheese fries, which was hot and spicy with a flood of cheesy flavours. Next up was VJ café’s very own signature dish, Peri Peri twister which was a spicy, tangy potato cut in the shape of a spiral, marinated in their secret spices.

There was a crunch in every bite and a blast of amazing flavours. At this point, our conversations were slowing down because everyone was busy with the food.

The food slowly started covering our table with some sweet surprises, one of which was the highly recommended Oreo Milkshake, which was then followed by their Butterscotch Caramel Milkshake.

These milkshakes were simply delectable, almost like an ice cream in a shake form. They also have some amazing cold coffee, that helped ease of the workload. What more do we need on a boring working day?!

This place is a good take-away joint to beat the office week stress and kickstart your weekend binge, a little early on. At the end what matters is a good company and food, then even a roadside bench feels like a great hangout joint.

At the distance of a few steps away from Vashi railway station, this place is a best way to kill your hunger with your crazy friends. Enjoy your mid-week blues with offers at VJ café and just follow And here’s an online dessert for you – Simply, like, share & comment on to avail a 10% discount at VJ Café! So, don’t wait! Hop on to Instagram now!

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