Miss Navi Mumbai registeration are open!

That’s right pretty ladies, the city is ready to crown its next deserving lass as this year’s Miss Navi Mumbai. It is time for all you apiring beauty pagents to whip out those skills, charm and razzle dazzle your way into the city’s heart.

Miss Navi Mumbai is a beauty pangent contest that chos its first ever MIss Navi Mumbai in 2012. Here are the names of the stunning girls who won the pangent in the last 5 years.

2012: Seema Bhandari

2013: Daljeet Kaur

2014: Shriya Sharma

2015: Divya Agarwal

2016: Sanchita Chaudhary

These girls not only auditioned and impressed the judges but worked hard to make it to the top 16. To prep for the show, they(even the other 15 finalists of each year) went through a 7 day session of training that included personality development, grooming, public speaking, physical training and more.

So girls, channel your nervousness, srtut confidentally, be graceful and most importantly, be encouraging and supportive, because in the end your personality is what winss peopl over.

Good luck, beautifuls!

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