Want to go Paan-anas?

Head to Mumbai Bombay High Paan Shop now!

There exists in abundance many mouth fresheners, but none beat the desi, most unique mouth freshener, paan. If you compare a pea size mint to paan, you can very well deduce that paan is where the real mouth freshening business is at. Bigger in size, filled with your choice of fillings, and far tastier and full of flavours.

And when to enjoy a good paan explosion in your mouth, and are in Navi Mumbai, then you ought to go to Mumbai Bombay High Paan Shop (yep, it’s not a typo. It’s Indeed Mumbai Bombay, cuz the magic of Mumbai cannot be exaggerated enough).

This paan shop well beyond the traditional paan. Here, you’ll be served paans of many flavors. Their famous and bestseller is chocolate paan.

Quite a fascinated crowd they have garnered over the years of their existence. And we became a part of them by tasting these raved about paans.



From left to right: Chocolate Pan, Mango Pan, Dry Fruit Pan, Magai Pan, Butter Scotch Pan, Strawberry Pan

Address: Shop No. 43, Shreeji Heights, Plot No. 1A, Sector – 46A, Seawood West, Krishna Changa Naik Marg, Karave Village, Karave Nagar, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

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