Must Go to Places in Navi Mumbai

When life as a regular office goer takes a toll on you, it’s time to pause and relax! Buckle up to explore some of the hidden gems in Navi Mumbai, away from the hustling and bustling of the city scene. It’s never too late to connect back with yourself and get all charged up for more thrills in life.If you are planning a one-day trip for an instant rejuvenation, discover some of the go to places in Navi Mumbai, where even the journey to the destination will get you completely spellbound!

ISKCON Temple, Kharghar

If you are one of those, who kickstarts their day with a powerful mantra and set out to win the world, then get redeemed for the rest of the week by visiting ISKCON temple at Kharghar. Immerse in the powerful chants of ‘Hare Rama… Hare Krishna… Krishna Krishna Hare Hare’! The positive vibe will instantaneously fill your senses with a gush of energy. Set amidst mesmerizing the Sahyadri Hills, it is 5 kilometers away from the upcoming International Airport.


Central Park, Kharghar

Looking forward to making your weekend a memorable one? Route to Central Park at Kharghar is worth exploring! This no pollution or no vehicle park is a complete package of entertainment, orchestrated on the similar lines to Central Park of New York or Hyde Park of London. Enjoy a musical evening at its Amphitheatre, or devour the delicious dishes at its Revolving restaurant, but the dosage of fun does not end here. Get ready for never-ending surprises, if you are planning your weekend here!

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Call it an ultimate destination for trekkers or a sheer heaven for bird-watchers, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a favorite getaway for nature lovers! Nestled 12 km from Panvel amidst Sahyadri hills, the sanctuary is known for its 11th century Karnala Fort. And, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, it is a definite bonus since it is home to approximately 150 species of resident and 37 species of migratory birds. So, count on your next weekend to visit this place!

Stop expounding on other people’s visit to these amazing places in Navi Mumbai and create your own weekend memories for an extended tell-tale of your experience. So, get those travel shoes lying in your closet, ride ready!

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