Navi Mumbai with befouled trash cans due to uncontrolled spitting of paan and gutkha

Trash cans around the city that were meant for wet and dry waste, has been getting spoiled due to them constantly being used as spittoons. This issue has been brought to the attention of NMMC by annoyed citizens and activists.

Many railway commuters pointed out the ugly mess just outside harbor line stations due to spit stains of paan and gutkha on the walls and trash cans. They said it this revolting issue goes against Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan.

“Many educated citizens are also seen spitting into these civic trash bins. Often, the paan and gutkha stains are seen around these bins and on the footpaths. People must realize that these have been set up to collect wet and dry waste, and not be misused as spittoons,” said a Vashi resident, Y Bansal.

RTI activist Anarjit Chauhan said, “Random spitting is already considered a civic nuisance. NMMC must ensure that their officials and sanitation inspectors regularly patrol busy public places and take action against those spitting. Only then will better civic sense prevail.”

Municipal commissioner (Swachha Maharashtra Abhiyaan), Tushar Pawar said, “Over 500 new trash bins for wet and dry waste collection had been set up in civic areas. It is sad that some people are misusing and spoiling them by spitting in such a manner.”

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