Navi Mumbai is on fire!

It has been a busy time for firefighters as two fires broke in two Navi Mumbai suburbs, one in Mankhurd and another one in Kharghar.


A scrap godown of a tire factory in Mankhurd caught on fire on Sunday. No casualties or injuries were reported. At least 12 fire engines rushed to the spot. According to sources, this is not the fire incident that occurred. The current fir incident was a level 3 and only affected the scrap materials in the godown. Putting the fire proved to be a little tricky since the scraps were of rubber material.



The hills of Kharghar caught on fire again. It has only been little over 2 weeks that the same hills faced the fire’s wrath again. This firey wrath was inflicted by villagers living in Adivasi hamlets who call the hills their address. Turns out that they were burning grass to make pathways, and since the grass burnt is dry, the fire spread quickly.

Worried citizens have suggested that these villagers get educated properly on the consequences of setting fire on grass without taking corrective measures.

“We got a call around 11.15am. Since, we could not get the fire engine and a water tanker to the spot which is up the hill, we doused the fire using gunny bags. It took us over an hour to control the blaze. Forest guards and few villagers joined us. The fire engulfed the grass but trees weren’t affected.” said a fireman of Kharghar’s fire station.

“The level of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide has been high in the region due to the frequent fire incidents in the hills and illegal operation of brick kilns. Miscreants have targeted this scenic spot time and again,” said one of the residents.

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