Navi Mumbai International Airport Work Stalls as Villagers Protest

People from at least 4 villages stalls the Navi Mumbai International Airport work until their demand is fulfilled by CIDCO.

The development of Navi Mumbai International Airport was stalled by villagers from Kombadbhuje, Ulwe, Ganeshpuri, Varchevada, Vaglevada, and Targhar on October 12. Apparently, thousands of villagers hailing from six villages are affected by the proposed project. They threatened to intensify the protest if their demands are not fulfilled by the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. (CIDCO).

We will protest even harder if our demands are not met and won’t let the airport work resume. We have submitted a letter to CIDCO and indicated that we will resort to aggressive methods,” said Rajendra Patil, who led the protest. They also said that they were granted a meager amount of Rs. 1,000 for per sq. ft. for the construction of their new houses.

“We were granted ₹1,000 per sq.ft. in 2011, and now it will soon be 2018. The amount needs to be revised. CIDCO had promised temples, schools and a crematorium on the land on which we are to be rehabilitated. But nothing has been done till now, so how can we be relocated there and how can we leave our current homes?” asked Mr. Patil.

“The demand for a rise in the money paid to them to construct their new homes is open for consideration. This amount is not the construction cost, but construction aid granted to them. We have provided them plots three times the roof area. So they have three times more land and construction aid. We will also bear the transportation cost. CIDCO will also pay their rent for 18 months when they shift to a rented space,” a CIDCO official said.

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