Navi Mumbai Markets filled with Sakranti goodies

With the festive season around the corner, special delicacies like Til laddoos, Puran Poli, farsan and more have been have reached in bulk in the markets. Where the kite business hasn’t quite picked up, the food business is sure making a solid progress.

Since most of the food items are seasonal, they are being sold at an affordable rate to make as much sales as possible and to avoid perished goods.


“Prices start from Rs 150 a kg, and increase depending on the quality of the ladoos. The ones made with finer quality jaggery are higher prices,” said shop keeper Shailesh Kapadia.


Laddoos at wholesale markets are sold in bulk, mostly to retailers and housing societies.


Not only the popular Til laddoos, but another Makar Sankranti delight, surti undiyo, a dish popular among the Gujaratis, are being sold for Rs.180 for 200 gms. These are sold as the ready to eat kind. This dish won’t be available once winter is gone, to avoid perishability.

“One of the reasons people buy the readymade undiyo is because it is a tedious dish to prepare. The ingredients are many and the process is time consuming. The varieties sold in stores are prepared by home makers, so the taste is just as good, unlike a commercially made product,” said Vashi resident Deepa Shah.


A harvest festive lunch mainly comprises of undiyo, kichdi, chikki, laddoo and goondar pak. Puran polis are also enjoyed by some on this day.


“We sell home-made puranpolis throughout the year but during this time there is a demand for it. Prices for these home prepared foods and snacks are kept low. With a short shelf life, no customer wants stale food and no shopkeeper wants leftover stock,” added Chandru Nayak, a retail seller from Sanpada.

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