Navi Mumbai is one of the cities to set up illegal Ganpati pandals according to Bombay High Court

Ever knew that only a certain number of Illegal Ganpati Pandals can be set up during any religious occassions? And that if the limit is exceeded, it is illegal?

To the judges annoyance, civic officials of Kalyan, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, had regularized the use illegal pandal for Ganesh Chaturthi with out going through the legal rules and specifications. Despite strict to orders to remove them, seems like the civic chiefs paid no no heed to them.

And as a result, The Bombay High Court issued a contempt notice to the BMC chief Ajoy Mehta, commisioners of Navi Mumbai and Kalyan – Dombivli civic bodies.

What irked the judges more was despite srtict orders to remove illegal pandals, the civic bodies still went ahead regularized them without taking precautionery measures.

According to filed affidavits from the municipal corporation, there were 62, 42 and 36 illegal pandals in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Kalyan respectively.

The response from Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Anil Menon who issued the notice against the civic chiefs, had a firm response regarding the diobeyal. ” Time has come to send somebody behind bars and the message will not reach the concerned unless action is taken against some municipal commissioner”

The judges strongly felt that it was no business of the civic chiefs to go about regularizing and deciding the number pandals to be set, that to iilegal ones which were built without permits.

“These pandals should have been immediately removed. You have completely frustrated the judgment” the bench said in refferal to its own order in which the revenue officals were to assess the number of pandals that would be setup for Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri.

Another annoyance faced by the court were the series of excuses given in order to get away from abiding by the rules. “All sorts of tactics are being put to use to see that the judgment is not complied with” said the upset bench.

Regarding this issue, there will be a further hearing on 30th November.

Annnnd here we were, dancing to the engetic, enigmatic and thunderous tunes to the percussions, and seeking blessings, oblivious to the legal obligations.

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