Navi Mumbai Stations To Get More CCTVs To Ensure More Safety

In order to reduce crime in suburban trains and platforms, the Central Railway has gone ahead with the decision to install 240 more CCTV cameras at Navi Mumbai railway stations.

After a 43-year-old man tried to forcefully kiss a girl on Thurbhe platform on Thursday, the incident which was caught on camera, the need for more CCTV cameras arose.

A railway engineer said “It has been observed that the existing cameras are not sufficient to cover all major areas of the stations. We had conducted a survey to find out the requirement and have decided to install 240 cameras at these stations”. He even said “Installation of the cameras will be started within a few weeks. It will take around six months for every station to get the additional cameras,”

Navi Mumbai has 15 stations on the Harbour and Trans-Harbour line. As of now, each station has around 45 CCTV cameras installed on their premises.

One of the major railway stations of Navi Mumbai is the Vashi station. Nearly 60,000 people travel through Vashi station every day.

Sudarshan Khurana, station manager of Vashi station said “We now have 48 CCTV cameras installed on our station premises. But the station is so big that these cameras cannot cover all the areas. For example, there are no cameras in staircases and in the two subways that connect the platforms. But, these are crucial parts of the station as commuters enter and exit the station through these subways. We have been informed that our station will be provided with 16 more cameras”

Over 219 crimes were registered and out of them, 126 cases were detected last year at the Vashi Government Railway Police.

“The CCTV cameras helped us in detecting many crimes including thefts, robberies and sexual crimes against women. The CCTV footage gave us leads in the case where an MBBS student was looted and thrown out of a moving train near Nerul station in November 2017,” said Suresh Patil, senior police inspector, Vashi GRP.

With Panvel station being converted into a terminus, the CR official has decided to pre-install more CCTV cameras. The CR official said “As of now we are increasing the number of CCTV cameras at Panvel. Once the entire terminus is ready, we will see its requirement and install more cameras accordingly”.

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