Navi Mumbai strives to be an open defecation free city

For a month now, NMMC has been working hard to make sure that Navi Mumbai wins a spot on the ‘open defecation free cities’ list. Last month the civic body was unable to achieve the status since the central team found a private plot in Turbhe’s slum area where there were clear evidences of defecation. With more vigilance gained since last month, NMMC is sure that this time they’ll pass the litmus test.

The city will go through another round of re-evaluation in order to get certified. Bagging the ODF tag will help the city to a great extent in helping it achieve the Swach Sarwekshan ranking.

The survey team, comprising of four officials, associated with ODF survey, from Delhi— under the direction of the ministry of drinking water and sanitation, housing and urban affairs arrived on 23rd, Monday, to approve the city’s claim on the ODF tag.

According to an NMMC official, the team has covered almost all areas where open defecation happens a lot. These areas included railway corridor, slum areas, public toilets and civic schools.

An official said, “We are sure that we will retain the ODF tag since the entire civic workforce has been discharging their duties sincerely,”

NMMC commissioner Ramaswami N also accompanied the teams in making regular rounds to all nodes and slum areas to validate the maintenance and cleanliness.

He said,” Our team has done an excellent job over a period of time as far as maintenance of civic sanitation is concerned. We have no doubts in meeting the evaluation parameters”

The central team’s visit to the city will officially affirm NMMC’s claim of Navi Mumbai being ODF. The process of revalidation happens every six months.

Despite being ranked as the 8th city in the country to be the cleanest, the city has been struggling to be ODF because of the rampant growth of slum pockets.

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