Navi Mumbai Students Grabbed Top Robotics Prize

Top robotics prize won by Navi Mumbai students and get direct entry to event in Costa Rica.

A robot model named that collects waste from water bodies and plant seeds. It has been developed by a group of 3 bright students in Navi Mumbai. At an event called World Robotics Olympiad, held in Noida, the students bagged the first prize on October 7 and 8 for Robotics Prize.

Their robot named SCAR (Surface Cleaning and Aerating Robot) can comb the surface of water bodies to gather particles of waste, and another can maneuver through tough terrain to plant seeds. It also has a pump that transfers water from the bottom to the top.

Organized since 2006, the World Robotics Olympiad India is a non-profit competition, which is jointly hosted by India Stem Foundation and the National Council of Science and Museum. It is one of the largest robotics competitions where students as young as 9 years to as old as 25 years can participate.

This year’s competition marked the victory of three Navi Mumbai students, namely, Vedant Thakar, Bharat Anand, and Yuvraj Kubdargi, who claimed the first place in the open category for secondary school. After this winning feat, they will get the opportunity to represent the country at the WRO International Championship. The International Championship will be held in Costa Rica between November and November 12.

Elated over their victory, Vedant informed that they were given a theme called ‘Sustainable Bots’ based on which they had to create a model that could do much more than a specific task. The idea behind this theme was to improve life on land. He said, “it takes a triangular path through the water body and sensors detect floating waste.”

“In stagnant water bodies, the water at the bottom does not receive oxygen. So, if water is pumped to the top, it will aide in aerobic bacterial growth,” Yuvraj added.

The AST (Autonomous Seed Planter) or the second bot was developed to battle deforestation. The robot is designed in such a way that it makes furroughs in the soil and detects obstacles with the help of its sensors.

Bharat said, “if it’s a moving object like an animal, a horn is sounded so the animal can move away. In case of a stationary object, the robot can navigate around it.”

All three are the students of Delhi Public School in Navi Mumbai. It took them around 4 months to create the robot. Though it is not the first time they are participating in WRO, it was certainly their first time in the open category. Costa Rica is their next stop. Extend your support to raise funds for their trip, as travel expenses will have to be borne by the participants themselves.

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