Navi Mumbai Welcomes Spanish Sport Bossaball

Navi Mumbai became a witness to a new sport called Bossaball, which has its origin in Spain.

Some residents of Navi Mumbai witnessed the debut of a Spanish game in the satellite city this weekend. The new sport is called Bossaball, which is a blend of volleyball, football, and gymnastics with music.

The practice of the game was supervised by 2 international instructors. On Saturday and Sunday, the sport was introduced by local athletes, the practice of the game was followed by a competition and a demonstration at Nerul Gymkhana.

Navi Mumbaikars turned up in large numbers to show support for the game. The somersaults, gravity-defying leaps, hops, kicks, and spikes amazed the spectators. “This will become more popular in the city,” said Dhananjay Vanmali, a volleyball coach.

Two international Bossaball instructors will train the youngsters, informed Milind Sethia, the chief organizer.

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