Navi Mumbai Witnesses More Demolition of Illegal Structures

Upon realizing the existence of illegal of shantis, shops, and shrines, CIDCO and MIDC decided to rid the city nodes of them by undertaking a demolition drive.

This initiative did face hindrances though. On Wednesday, a CIDCO demolition team had to a displeased bunch of people who had intrudingly occupied a vast reserved plot in sector 21 of Ghansoli node. This plot was meant to occupy public amenities like playground under 12.5% compensation scheme for the PAPs.

Thought the demolition process was delayed due to lack of police security, the team did finally succeed in demolishing illegal shops, shrines, and shantis. By evening, the team managed to clear 2,400 sq. m. of plot. The encroachers occupied the space were the same lot that was driven from there earlier in June.
According to CIDCO, the plots that have been cleared will be handed over to the PAPs to build the required public amenities,

There was another demolition drive undertaken by MIDC where they got rid of three illegal shrines in Dighe. This demolition process, unlike the previous one, was guarded with heavy police protection. The team was lucky to have Rabale MIDC police station deploy a strong force for this drive.

“The protesters took advantage of inadequate cop cover n as parallel drives are also being held by other agencies. But we grabbed the plot back,” said P B Rajput, controller of unauthorized construction, CIDCO, North Navi Mumbai.

“The drive remained peaceful and we covered all the four sites which were blocking the roads and bylanes. Notices were issued to all illegal temples to vacate the idols and belongings,” said MIDC deputy engineer, Yashwant Meshram.

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