About Navi Mumbai

A well-designed extension of the bustling city of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or New Bombay, is a planned township bordering the west coast of Maharashtra. Spanning an area of 344 sq. km, Navi Mumbai is the largest newly planned city in India.

Developed in the 1970s, by CIDCO, Navi Mumbai was ideated as an alternative to the heavily populated city of Mumbai, that drew thousands of migrants from all over the country, seeking economic opportunities and a better lifestyle. The city serves as a twin to the city of Mumbai, offering livelihood opportunities, entertainment hotspots, luxury living and much more.

Having grown tremendously in the last five years, the city abounds with malls, entertainment centers, clubs, discs and restaurants. For the naturally inclined, New Bombay is home to parks, waterfalls and picnic spots such as Pandavkada Falls, Central Park and Rain Tree Marg.

Visit the city for its delightful malls, quaint cafes and mouth-watering local delights. With malls, restaurants and entertainment options galore, you’ll never run out of things to do here.