Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume

If you haven’t figured what you wanna wear for Halloween, then we have top 5 last minute easy Halloween costume for you.

  1. Party Animal
Image Credits: Good House

All you need is the mask of your favorite animal and some party props, such as a party hat, a whistle and some glitter and you are all set with your party animal costume.


  1. The Mummy
Image Credits: Good House

You need to dress in something white and ask your girlfriend to wrap you in toilet paper and colour your eyes with some kajal. This would be just perfect.


  1. The Retro Airhostess
Image Credits: Good House

If you have a solid shift dress and a colorful scarf you are good to go. To add that little extra touch to your outfit you can have the winged eyeliner and a pillbox cap to complete your look.


  1. Sia
Image Credits: Good House

If you have an any black and white outfit, all you need is her typical two toned wig, which is available online and you would look like her twin.


  1. Error
Image Credits: Pinterest

This cannot be defined as a costume, but is the best option, when you don’t have time to get ready. All you need is a white tshirt or rather any colour tshirt and a black marker.

All you have to write is “ERROR 404 Costume not Found” and you have a costume ready.



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