Nerul citizens face trouble caused by reckless auto drivers

Citizens of Nerul have been really hassled with the recklessness of auto drivers. According to some people, auto drivers have allegedly been harassing commuters outside Nerul station, especially on the east side. The auto drivers have been parking in a very disorganized manner. Not only that but they have been also blocking the path of transport buses which has been leading to further chaos at the entry and exit of the station and near the bus stands.

There hasn’t been much help provided by the traffic police as there is insufficient staff. There has also been information from some citizens that many rickshaws have been illegally operating. This has been happening because the RTO officials don’t do a strict checking of documents.

Nerul resident Balmurali Menon said, “I travel by train daily from Nerul to reach my office in Vashi and I witnessed the chaos daily outside the station on the east side. The miscreant auto drivers approach commuters and do not wait for their turn in a queue.

“We have got several complaints against the auto drivers outside Nerul railway station and also deployed a constable to ensure autos wait in a queue to pick up passengers. But we don’t have the manpower to provide a constable on a permanent basis and the miscreant drivers take advantage of this,” said Turbhe traffic unit in-charge inspector Shyam Shinde.

According to DCP(traffic) Nitin Pawar, including the assigned staffers with administrative work at the head office, the city traffic department has a manpower of 416 staffers.

“In order to resolve the menace of unruly auto drivers, we have been registering offences and imposing a penalty of Rs 200. But the auto drivers still indulge in unruly behavior,” he said.

Pawar has written to the Vashi deputy RTO for conducting a joint operation against the drivers outside Nerul as well as Vashi railway station.

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