The new Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Navi Mumbai is announced

On Thursday,  Navi Mumbai got its new mayor and Deputy Mayor. They are NCP’s (National Congress Party) Jaywant Sutar and Mandakni Mhatre.

As per the mayoral polls, Sutar bagged 67 votes while Shiv Sena candidate, Somnath Waskar bagged only 38 votes. “I will work to provide basic facilities to Navi Mumbai residents”, promised Sutar.

As for the dupty mayor position, Mandakini Mhatre won by 26 votes, defeating Sena party’s Dwarkanath Bhoir despite not winning votes of three Congress corporators.

Even though a part of the Congress voted against the NCP candidates and the BJP remained neutral by not supporting Shiv Sena’s efforts to unseat the alliance, it is claimed that NCP-Congress alliance won power by conveniently getting the posts of mayor and deputy mayor in the election.

Another claim against the NCP was that chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and NCP chief Sharad Pawar tried to facilitate the win. Fadnavis also did want BJP’s support to go the Shiv Sena clan.

Here’s the break down of 111 members of the Navi Mumbi civic house

52 memebers belong to NCP who is supported by 10 congress and five independent corporators while the Sena party has 38 members and BJP, six

(52+10+5+38+6 = 111)

Originally, Sena stronman Vijay Chaugle was to run for the election and had connections with few members of the Congress and some independent corporators. Due to the BJP not wanting to support the Sena didn’t go well with Chaugle’s palns and finally withdrew from the elections.



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