New reservoir to bring some respite to Airolikars from water supply issues

Seems like Airoli residents will finally be able to find a way to fix water supply issue they’ve been facing. The construction of a new 2.3MLD ground reservoir has already begun and even better? Even a pumping station at the overhead water tank will also be in the works. They both are being constructed in sector 5, Airoli.

This new facility that costs Rs. 4.12 crores, will improve the water supply system and will help residents in almost 8 sectors of the node.  In case of any emergencies, the reservoir will stock up enough water to supply for 2 days.

The other good news for Airoli residents is that now they’ll get water supply for extra half-an-hour long both in the morning and evening. Some sectors to be benefited by this development are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8A, 16, and 17.  According to civic sources, uninterrupted water supply will be assured during the breakdown of the Morbe line.


Here are what people had to say about this very smart advancement.
“The supply has improved marginally in the last few days. But, we will have to see how it works out in the long run and during shutdowns,”
-A sector 5 resident.

“This is the first such facility in the entire node that has been developed by the civic body in the last two years to resolve the water crisis. With the new pump house being installed with higher capacity, water can reach the taps in high-rise buildings too. People in the higher areas have been complaining about low-pressure supply for years. Their ordeal will be a thing of past now.”
– Local corporator M K Madhvi said
“The storage capacity has been strengthened in the new set-up. The reservoir is equipped to cater to around 45,000 residents on a daily basis.”

-NMMC executive engineer Sanjay Desai

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