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Time to give your healthy self a chance


Of all resolutions, the resolution taken by most number of people is “I’ll be more healthy” or few other versions of it such as less junk food, drink more water, less sugar. But ironically, the resolution that’s forgotten the most is being healthy. Reason? The actual doing part of the resolution. The saying “easier said than done” could not be more applicable. No one can blame themselves since it is easy to give into the pressure of the beginning of the new year. Apart from all the not so nice moments of the previous year, the one other thing that flashes before you is the unhealthy lifestyle.

We’ve all been there. Every year we begin with that well planned healthy routine, go about it for 2 weeks, and by the 3rd week, it’s as if laziness beat the resolution and got to us first. Hence, the attempt to be healthy ultimately becomes vain.

If you have again decided to give the healthy resolution another shot, then that’s real determination. This time, let me be of help, or more like let Navi Mumbai be of help. Here’s a chance to really commit to that healthy lifestyle.

On the 7th of January, Navi Mumbai will be holding an event, NM Let’s Run. Navi Mumbaikars are going to get together to run. Keep in mind, this is not a marathon, it is just a fun healthy initiative taken by Navi Mumbai. Green souls Kharghar, a community-based organic urban farming for social projects in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai Today, are one of the proud partners of the event. Even Shweta Chaudhary, Mrs. India earth 2017 will be part of the event. Today,  that is the 2nd of January is the last date to register, so go ahead, a healthy you is waiting for on the other side of the finish line.

Register here now! Call +91 8779683850 for more information.

One last thing, do not pressurize yourself and do not set superficial or unrealistic goals. Just start by taking baby steps and soon, you’ll be leaping.

All the best.

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