Massive Water Wastage Issue due to Pipe Leakage at New Panvel

No action taken on the water wastage issue due to pipe leakage in New Panvel

It’s been a week since water has been leaking at the Malwadi bus stop site of Panvel-Matheran Road in New Panvel. The cause of the leakage was a damaged underground pipeline.

This leakage was severe because of which water has been gushing out on to the main streets. The water has now turned into streamlet by the roadside.

Some of the shopkeepers claimed that the pipe had been damaged for almost a week. They said the leakage was caused due to some digging work that took place near Malwadi bus stop, close to Akurli and in Sukapur section of Panvel Taluka.

The damaged pipe is the same pipe through which St. Andrew educational institute and some other commercial shops get their water supply. This water comes from the Gadeshwar dam. Despite having been one week, the water officials have not yet come to repair the damage. A shopkeeper said that this could be due to the fact that no one might have informed them.

“Though it was not our responsibility to fix the line, we did repair the line and stopped further wastage by Monday evening.” Said D R Alghat, from the Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) water department.

RTI activists expressed their disappointment by saying that water wastage even for a couple of minutes is criminal as it also wastes the public money and resources. They also that the civic officials should regularly check the water lines and shouldn’t only take action when the problem is raised by the locals.

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