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No shave November is actually for a good cause

No Shave November is the most perfect reason for most men to just let their shaving kit and their beards be. Lately, even ladies have been jumping on the bandwagon and have refrained from shaving or waxing to embrace their body hair to promote body positivity and learning to be comfortable in own skin.

While all this is true, those are not the reasons why ‘No Shave November’ came into existence.

No shave November is actually a non-profit organization that was set u to raise cancer awareness. The basic concept NSN is that for the whole month of November, people forgo shaving and embrace their natural hair as cancer patients lose them due to the tiring process of chemo.

No shave November was first founded on Facebook in 2009 and last year, it just went in partnership with The American Cancer Society. Along with raising awareness for cancer and promoting embracing of natural body hair, they also raise funds for cancer research.

Another fun twist to the NSN is Movember, which actually started way before NSN, in 2003. Movember is another non-profit organization started in Australia to specially raise awareness on men’s’ health issues such as prostate and testicular cancers. The concept is the same as NSN where men forgo shaving for 30 days. The rule is to start off with a fresh clean-shaven face and allow for the beard to grow for the whole month. In 2013, Movember raised $21 million.

November has had the campaign in over 21 countries. In 2014, they organized a campaign in the US to talk about and raise awareness on men’s mental health and men’s fitness.

If you want to participate in NSN or Movember (both genders can participate), all you have to do his stay away from your shaving and waxing routines and let your body hair grow till 30th. No cheating guys, no shaving, waxing, pulling, plucking or tweezing of any body hair. If you want help in playing this game, take to social media. Post pics on your social accounts and find some encouragement.

If you wish to know and want to donate to this cause, visit the sites.


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